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How 'situation placement' is changing the way we view advertising in videogames, giving consumers greater content and small developers the support for survival

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How do you see your strategy benefiting the UK games development scene particularly, which has suffered numerous studio closures over the last couple of years?

Bartlett: As I've said, this all came out of my work looking at reliable new revenue streams for developers and publishers, so this whole concept has been driven initially from a development perspective. It's no secret the UK development scene has had a rough 18 months, but from what we are seeing in our talks with the remaining development talent, I do think we have seen the worst and are entering slightly more stable times.

Obviously giving developers a significant new revenue stream is going to be a big help, but there are also numerous secondary benefits, including additional game content that would not have been possible without direct advertiser funding, increased consumer awareness of their products through mainstream brand partnerships and eventually I hope we will see publishers making faster and more creatively left-field commissioning decisions based upon these opportunities.

On the most part the UK industry has been very proactive and excited about what we are doing, but people, and in particular developers are always slightly suspicious of agencies, regardless of their backgrounds or credentials. I think the groundbreaking work we have done with Rebellion and Team 17 has gone a long way to allaying the fears of the minority, and I hope that will only continue when people see our forthcoming placements and partnerships.

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