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Crudity assured in latest Conker's screens and trailer

Rare's foul-mouthed squirrel gets ready to dish the dirt in Conker: Live and Reloaded

Arguably videogames' most notoriously vile and sexist creature (no, not you Leisure Suit Larry), Conker the Squirrel is gearing himself for an Xbox explosion of filth and depravity next year - Microsoft has confirmed that the Rare title Conker: Live and Reloaded will be hitting the format in March 2005.

The quirky team-based shooter, which promises a number of poo-spattered online modes for up to 16 players, seems destined for the sort of cult notoriety previously enjoyed on N64 under the guise of Bad Hare Day. Amongst the warped line-up of new harebrained characters, violent scenarios and cheap innuendo include shoot-outs with singing faeces and sex-addicted bees.


To celebrate its imminent arrival, we have a number of new screens (on this very page) and a trailer direct from the sun-drenched environs of E3. We trust they won't prove too corrupting.