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Eidos serves up 25 to Life screens

Urban street crime the focus of the publisher's PS2 and Xbox cops and robbers game

Despite the slightly daft title, 25 to Life's premise sounds half-decent and one that so obviously panders to the crime-a-thon loving crowd. Featuring a present day setting, the title takes players into the hearts of cities and their mean, gritty streets, offering the chance to play both police and criminal in what is essentially a bit of cops 'n' robbers action.

Nailing perpetrators to get promoted, busting out of prison and infiltrating drug lord mansions is the sort of stuff to expect, with players having to establish and defend their turf or uphold the law. Single-player is accompanied by multiplayer for up to 16 people and there's also a customisable character system in place that allows gamers to define their character's look and style.