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New images of war from SCi's Conflict: Vietnam

Xbox, PS2 and PC war shooter looking gritty in latest screens update

Somewhat topically, considering that many are talking of Iraq becoming the 'new' 'Nam, SCi has issued new screenshots from Pivotal Games' edgy-looking war shooter Conflict: Vietnam.

A sequel in the publisher's successful Conflict series (albeit with a different conflict to previous titles in the franchise, of course), Vietnam tracks back to 1968, where a small platoon of American soldiers is stranded deep in hostile jungles.

Gameplay will involve a similar controls set-up to the previous titles, requiring gamers to switch control between each of their members at will. Also adding to the tactical element, however, are armoured river boats, tanks, helicopters, hostile and friendly villages, and a range of lethal Vietnamese booby traps.

Conflict: Vietnam is likely to be a big hit when it launches in Autumn, so in the meantime keep yourselves satisfied with these new E3 screens. We certainly are.