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Animal Crossing finally, finally coming to Europe

We thought we'd never see it - official Euro release for magical GameCube quest

Ice Ages have come and gone, galactic empires have risen to power and fallen back into the endless interstellar darkness, and still Nintendo hasn't released quirky GameCube game Animal Crossing to the good citizens of Europe.

Now, finally, that dark age has passed, and September 24 is the date when you can get your hands on Animal Crossing on these shores. Unless you've already imported it from Japan, America, Australia or Alpha Centauri, of course.

Animal Crossing is an innovative RPG based on communication, where you're free to explore your town, go fishing or buy new trinkets to decorate your house at your own pace as the days pass in sync with real-time using the GameCube's internal clock.

You can also travel to other towns by saving your game to a memory card and plugging it into a friend's GameCube, chat and swap items and even send presents using special codes.