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Sega's Star on EyeToy, new screens

Sega reveals more of its SuperStars mini-game bundle for Sony EyeToy

In theory, it sounds completely preposterous, doesn't it? A compilation of mini Sega classics, revamped exclusively for Sony's intriguingly popular EyeToy contraption?

Well, putting such absurdities aside, Sega SuperStars is exactly that, a bunch of famous Sega characters pushed through their paces in new versions of 15 recognisable gaming classics. So thanks to the EyeToy, you can now snowboard with Sonic, collect bananas in Super Monkey Ball, shake maracas in Samba De Amigo and get beaten up in Virtua Fighter.

And if that still doesn't make any sense, hopefully these screens will clarify matters slightly. Sega SuperStars is due to release toward the end of the year.