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The X-Files: Resist or Serve

It's been many a full moon since Mulder and Scully graced our TV screens with a new episode of The X-Files. So all those gibbering conspiracy theorists that worship the show will be over said moon to hear that this is much better than the full motion video effort that featured the stars back on PSone.

The action is set at the beginning of the seventh TV series, and kicks off as our investigators head to the town of Red Falls where some strange murders and unexplained events have been reported.

Which of the pair you choose to play as will change the way the game plays, and also how you should approach things. Mulder is more impulsive and quick to draw his gun, while Scully is more restrained and scientific. Most of the time you'll be on your lonesome, though the two meet up sporadically to fight unexplained crime together.


Xpect The Xpecd
Gameplay-wise, X-Files looks to be a solid slice of survival horror. On the downside, it has all the restrictive camera angles and dodgy controls that we were already tired of when Resi 3 came out on PSone. It's also got that emphasis on searching everywhere that basically means you have to scour the screen for tiny flashes to see if there's something worth nabbing.

Nevertheless, the involvement of all the chief players will be a major draw for fans, as will the price tag of 23. While it's unlikely to redefine the boundaries of adventure gaming, it could well be an atmospheric outing for those pining for the bickering of those argumentative agents.

The verdict

Although it's looking like a slightly unoriginal survival horror in the Resi mould, the brilliant X-Files atmosphere and 20 price tag may well save it for fans of the show.

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Survival Horror