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New Mortal Kombat screens designed to Deceive

More shots from Midway's PS2 and Xbox fighting sequel, due out this year

While Midway's gruesome fighting franchise continues to belie its name with yet another sequel - this time entitled Mortal Kombat: Deception - we thought we'd treat the series' cult followers with another splattering of screens.

Expected for a PS2 and Xbox release in Autumn this year, the latest addition boasts full online fighting, an enhanced 'free-roaming' Konquest mode, and more interestingly, a strategy boardgame and puzzler clearly designed to transcend the beat-'em up fan stereotype of someone who repeatedly mutters "me bash buttons" in a rather slow and incomprehensible drawl (just kidding - we know you're all intelligent types really).

Unfortunately, none of these extra gaming modes appear to be on display here. Instead, you'll just have to make do with some dazzling scenes of supernatural thuggery. And to be fair, there ain't nothing wrong with that.