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Vin Diesel: Riddick PS2 for Xmas

Well, if he asked, we wouldn't argue with him

Vin Diesel, star of movies Pitch Black and forthcoming prequel Chronicles of Riddick, has dropped strong hints in a recent interview with Coming that the PS2 version of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - which we exclusively revealed existed here - may be arriving before Christmas.

Following hot on the heels of the recent news that Escape From Butcher Bay is on the way to the PC, Diesel appeared to be more than a little miffed that the game was originally an Xbox exclusive. "That's a question I have," said Diesel, no doubt enigmatically, before confirming the he is, "Trying to get the PS2 game [into shops] by Christmas, to release with the [Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Future] DVD."

Diesel is certainly no gaming novice and has long enjoyed a reputation as an avid gamer, recently forming his own videogame company Tigon Studios. If you cast your mind back to XXX and the epic snowboarding escape sequence where he uttered the memorable line, "Think PlayStation" whilst avoiding an oncoming avalanche, he's obviously a bit of PS2 nut too.

One thing's for certain, if he turned up at our office in full-on Riddick mode and demanded that a PS2 version of Butcher Bay be forthcoming before Christmas, the only words coming out of our mouths would be, "Yes Mr Diesel".