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Fable: dual movie extravaganza

Good or evil - naughty or nice? The choice is yours...

Yesterday we were down at an all day Fable event, checking out the all-but-complete version of Peter Molyneux and Big Blue Box's Xbox RPG masterpiece.

We have an absolute ton to tell you, but unfortunately bound as we are by a +5 spell of Non Disclosure we can't spill our guts until early next month, or possibly sooner, depending how work on the counter-spell goes.

Still, by way of compensation, we can present you these two freshly laundered and fabulously frenetic Fable movies, each showing a highly select, but very welcome portion of Fable gaming goodness.

Embrace your horny, tattooed evil nature as you run amok in the world of Albion, slaying the innocent, spreading discord, trampling flowers and generally behaving like an absolute rotter.

Or perhaps it's your inner, girly innocent that you'd care to explore, who loves nothing more than collecting flowers, helping old ladies across the road and doing derring deeds of sickening goodness?

Either way, we've got the movie for you - both lovingly presented in WMV format and weighing in at a smidge under 35 Mb.

Try 'em out, because we suspect, like us, you can resist anything except temptation itself.

Fable movies (Xbox)
Download here