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Howl at the moon: Wolfenstein sequel confirmed

Hollenshead: RtCW 2 is go as id looks to new title

id CEO Todd Hollenshead has revealed in a recent interveiw that work on a sequel to epic World War II horror-shooter Return to Castle Wolfenstein is already underway.

Splendid, let's howl at the moon and break out the tins of Pedigree Chum as Hollenshead confirmed: "Return to Castle Wolfenstein - the sequel to that already in the works at another studio."

Although this is only factoid we know, we can probably expect development on RtCW 2 (title TBC) to follow the established pattern, with id presumably overseeing development at the unnamed studio, much as it did with Gray Matter for the original game.

But that wasn't the end of Hollenshead's banter as he also reminded that after Doom 3, id will be moving on to a brand new project and that, as mentioned previously, it wouldn't be one of the studio's established brands.

"I think pretty quickly we'll get started on our next project. We have decided that we're not going to go back and do a Doom 4 or a Quake game, as Quake IV is already in development at Raven," stated Hollenshead.

He continued: "Our job will be making something new and we've decided that we're going to do a new IP [intellectual property], a new brand for id, and we'll be going through the decision making process in the next few months after we've done with Doom 3."

So RtCW 2 confirmed and the brand new id game in the works. It's difficult to think of better news for PC FPS fans, and given id's history and programming genius John Carmack's stated intention to develop just one more wafer thin engine before he's off to the stars, we're betting id's new baby won't be a point 'n' click adventure.