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Proving the Chaos Theory: New Splinter Cell 3 footage

Sam Fisher's third outing in motion

Sam Fisher, snapping necks for Uncle Sam since mid-2003; and with the number one stealth assassin gearing up for a third outing in Chaos Theory before the end of this very year, Ubisoft has released the first three movies from the game.

As you'll discover, they're absolutely jam packed with classic Splinter Cell action as Sam lurks, stealths, evades and then runs like buggery, before offing various bad guys on the way to foiling yet another dastardly terrorist plot.

You have to feel a bit sorry for that poor cleaner in the first movie though. What was his crime? Floors not shiny enough? Forgetting to put enough detergent in his bucket? Just goes to show, you pay a hefty price for slacking on the job when Sam's around.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory debuts on PC and Xbox this November, with an N-Gage version - plus GBA, PS2 and GameCube outings - slated for early 2005.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory movies
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