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Vib Ripple

The game that invites you to jump on your mate's head

his is the second sequel to the popular and very cool Vib Ribbon: the wire-frame rabbit that skipped along to your music CDs on PSone.

Mojib Ribbon, the first sequel to be released for PS2 in Japan at the end of last year, did amazing things with calligraphy in time to music. You should look it up - it's great. The gag with Vib Ripple is that you upload your own photos and jump around on them as you would a trampoline!

Rabbit Ruse
Apart from Vib looking funny flailing around in mid-air, the reason to bounce is to loosen secret items trapped beneath the surface. These seem to be themed on the picture, at least with the default images, but generally include the likes of fruits, bugs, cakes and presents. Find them all before the timer runs out while avoiding nasty (but cute) meanies that patrol the area.


The game comes with supplied images but photos can be transferred via USB, and shared over Sony's online network in Japan. You can even modify them for that extra personal touch. Obviously if you're importing this game, the network gag falls flat. Also you need one of a few specific brands and models of digital camera to make use of the USB function.

The verdict

The appeal is the sharing of comedy photos combined with the funny jumping around. On its own the gameplay gets tired pretty quickly.

PlayStation 2
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Computer Entertainment
Rhythm Action, Puzzle