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Champ Man 5 strips off for Xbox and PS2 debut

Console versions set for Spring 2005

Eidos has just confirmed that the latest instalment in its all-conquering Championship Manager series, number five, will now be appearing on Xbox and additionally on PS2, where the franchise makes its debut.

Both console versions of the football management title are being developed by Gusto Games and are slated for a Spring 2005 release.

However, hardcore PC fans will only have to wait until October of this year for their chance at footballing immortality.

It's certainly going to be an interesting new season for the hugely popular franchise, after Eidos' apparently amicable split with long time developers Sports Interactive, which is also developing its own Football Manager game.

Indeed, while the series has appeared successfully on Xbox before, quite how developer Gusto Games will shoehorn the huge player database and game code onto the PS2 remains to be seen.

Still, Greece did win Euro 2004, so we have to say in the topsy turvy world of footy all things are possible and we await the results with baited breath... Over to you, Brian.