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Prince of Persia 2

Exclusive: Ubisoft chats with us about the sequel to its awesome action-adventure Sands of Time

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Have you conducted a lot of research into the likes of the tales of the Arabian Nights and the whole mythology era around the Prince legend?

Mallat: Yes, we've been conducting a lot of research, especially on Persian mythology. Each name in the game is a true Persian name that has a meaning - the Dahaka, for example. Dahaka is a meaning of fate. Some people say 'don't you fear that you're losing your Arabian Nights environment going darker' but if you read the Arabian Nights carefully there are some nasty moments, some really gory stuff.

So no, we haven't lost anything. On the contrary, we're gaining stuff, we're just talking about the same world from a different point of view but it's still ours. It's ours. I mean in our eyes it's Prince of Persia. It's a different way to say it, that's all.

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