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Ubisoft gets a taste of teen horror sensation

Publisher teams up with company MC2 to unleash survival horror game Obscure on an unsuspecting world

Obscure is a survival horror effort in development for PS2, Xbox and PC that's been inspired by teen horror flicks, apparently. The game follows the story of five US students as the poke their noses into mysterious occurrences in the hallowed classrooms and halls of their school Leafmore. Ubisoft has announced that it's teamed up with company MC2 to publish the title, which will be trying to frighten our underpants off this September.

Key gameplay features brought to our attention include hop-in multiplayer allowing a second player to leap in and out of the spooky adventure at any time, the ability to switch between characters, unique character skills, the ability to set the AI state of your chums - attack, defence and so on, a bit like in RTS titles - and a "mutual aid" system which equates to "interactivity between characters during fights, inventory management, [and] riddle solving".