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Battle For Troy

This is apparently the first in a series of games designed to bring 'real-time strategy to the market at a price point typically overlooked by other publishers.' Why do they 'overlook' this budget price point? Possibly something to do with the fact that creating a good RTS takes a certain amount of time, money and effort.

All of which would seem to have gone amiss in the construction of Battle For Troy. If it's half the price of other releases, it displays a third of the production values and a quarter of the imagination. Lamely rolled out on the back of the film, it's one of those strategy games where you have an overwhelming urge to stop playing after three or four near-identical missions. With its cutesy visuals and elementary gameplay, Troy is aimed at a younger, less critical audience. Consequently, the interface is wholly unhelpful, and the tactical options are threadbare. Mostly, over the two puny eight-mission campaigns, you simply have to clear the map of enemies, picking up all the booty you can find along the way. Battlefield tactics are a classic case of 'select all and attack' with notions such as AI, pathfinding and unit formations as mythical as the saga the game depicts.


The visuals are vaguely passable, as is the sound, but there's simply no reason a seasoned gamer should bother with this, other than to shut up a Brad Pitt-idolising nephew for a few hours.

The verdict

Trojan horseshit

Zono Inc.
Sim / Strategy