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Majesco plays mind games with Psychonauts

Madcap platformer rescued by Majesco

Only the most unadventurous PC adventurer could have failed to clutch the classic Grim Fandago to their heart.

That's why great things had been expected from Grim-creator Tim Schafer's absurd Xbox platformer Psychonauts, which is now set to release on PC as well as Xbox, courtesy of Majesco.

Psychonauts plunges you into the role of Raz, a cutesy fellow who has the ability to transport himself into the minds of others. The quest is to thwart a mad scientist who has been abducting students from a psychic school, with Raz able to battle evil with a tasty set of paranormal powers.

It all sounds like a strange, psychedelic concoction of classic Nintendo, Second Sight/Psi-Ops and that cult '80s comedy InnerSpace - not a bad premise for an adventure, we think.

Schafer, who also worked on LucasArts' Full Throttle, is heading development duties with his studio Double Fine Productions, and the game is now set to launch sometime next year.

Psychonauts had originally been part of Microsoft's roster, before being let go, but it now seems that Majesco has come to the rescue.

Look out for more information on this one soon.