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F-Zero: Climax on track

Latest GBA racer promises a nifty little track editor

Following the exciting announcement of a new F-Zero GBA game, entitled F-Zero: Climax, a couple of weeks back, Nintendo has unveiled the first few gaming details.

The brilliant futuristic racing franchise will give you access to a fully-blown track editor, enabling suitably crazy courses to be built out of pre-drawn slabs.

Plus, for purely aesthetic purposes only, you will also get to position cameras during action replays - hardly essential, but fun nonetheless.

In addition, the underhand tactic of spinning your vehicle to wipe-out neaby opponents also makes a welcome return, suggesting that the combat element will feature strongly.

F-Zero: Climax is due to release in Japan during the month of October. Hopefully, news of an European release will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.