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Doom 3? Accessorise, darlings

Doom 3 mods the essential selection

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past six months, you'll realise that this Friday, the 13th, is D-Day, obviously standing for Doom 3 day, when id's masterpiece finally washes up on European shores.

Are you prepared? Well are you?

Of course you are, but to help you survive Doom 3's terror-inducing, pant-filling delights, two new mods have sneaked out which should aid your battle against Hell's legions.

The first is Glen 'FrenZon' Murphy's rather excellent Duct Tape mod, which may initially have you thinking hmm, Doom 3 - the S&M version? But, no, what lies in store is a cute little tweak which allows you to duct tape your flashlight to both machinegun and shotgun.

Don't underestimate how useful this little tweak is, because under normal game conditions you have to shoulder arms to use Doom 3's flashlight, leaving you horribly exposed to attack by the minions of the night.

Second up is Jason "Rodzilla" Rodzik's remarkably useful Flare mod, which turns all your grenades into flares, bringing light into Doom 3's eternal darkness, albeit at the expense of some firepower.

Our advice? Try 'em both out before you make a final decision whether you want play id's masterpiece tweaked or au naturelle.