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P-P-Pick up a Pikmin 2 video

Online goodies for the taxing GameCube adventure

Nintendo has just launched a website to cutesy GameCube sequel Pikmin 2, which contains a slide-show story trailer, video footage of a split-screen battle and a few bits of tasty wallpaper.

Although it's pretty hard to gauge the exact goings-on of the two-player square-off (it's pure chaos, we tells ya!), the slide-show is a nice little introduction to the game's background, which tells the story of a troubled businessman on a quest for treasure.

The game itself is likely to be more addictive than nicotine, with two new breeds of Pikmin, a number of split-screen Battle and Challenge modes and more than 60 types of monster to defeat.

We expect there will be a few more titbits appearing on the site in the coming weeks, so an occasional re-visit is well recommended. Pikmin 2 is due out in Europe in the beginning of October.

Visit Pikmin 2 website here.