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Interview: Peter Molyneux talks Fable

Lionhead's guru on sacrificial wives and men in dresses, plus massive movie and fresh screens

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In Fable, you obviously invest a lot of time in developing your character. Do you ever foresee the ability - much like the creature in Black & White - to be able to take that character elsewhere?

Molyneux: Yeah, yeah. There is a wish list in Fable of things that we couldn't do and one of those things is having that ability. For a long time we did have a feature where you could import your hero to other people's games, that was one of the things we had to drop, because it meant we wouldn't be able to release the game for a very long time.

But that's one of my favourite features from that list. You and I with our individual heroes playing together in one world, that could be very cool. One of the things we do that is very unique is that once you finish the story and the credits roll up, we don't kick you out of the world. The world is still there and you can keep going, but it would be really nice to actually play with someone else's character.


Xbox Live gives you the ability to add additional content into Fable. Is that something you've looked at?

Molyneux: We would really consider doing that, and actually we've already started planning about some of the things we could add. Whether that's a reality or not, I'm not sure.

I mean Fable is Live-aware and there's a feature which I'm not sure if it made it in actually. Up to three weeks ago it was in, but if you're Xbox connected, the names of the people in the towns were the names of your buddies.

And if you killed or married or insulted those people in the game, they'd be sent a message saying for example "You've been killed in Fable". It was a nice little gimmick, but it's one of those features when you get to the end, you've got to sacrifice a few little things like that.

So what's after Fable for Peter Molyneux?

Molyneux: Well I'm now working on the Movies and Black & White 2, and I'm also thinking about what's beyond that.

What about the prospect for new platforms like handhelds and the next generation of consoles? How do you feel about those?

Molyneux: There's some really amazing opportunities, not least of which Mark Healy at Lionhead did, this project called Rag Doll Kung Fu - that would be so cool on the DS.

That is one of the real joys of what we do, being able to work on all these new formats.

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