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Rocky Legends

The first Rocky game was a top class prize fighter on Xbox, winning on points over just about any boxing game on any format. But then Fight Night 2004 got into shape and smashed its way to the top spot with its fantastic double analog stick punch system. So what's the Italian Stallion got left in his locker for this sequel, and is the big Balboa going to reclaim his belt?

Legends is hoping to do for boxing what Gran Turismo did for racing - providing such an awesome roller-coaster career mode that the game won't quickly end up on your shelf, only ever getting played when some mates come round.


To do this, it lets you play the careers of the other larger-than-life butt-kickers Balboa came to blows with in the movies. You've got Clubber 'Ah piddy the fool' Lang, Apollo 'I'm sure I've seen him in something else' Creed, and Ivan 'Dolph Who?' Drago . Rocky not only being the name of the films, but also, ironically, describing the supporting actors' subsequent careers.

Rocky Road To Success
From dingy rat-hole fighting pits, to the arenas of Las Vegas, you'll have to keep improving your man with regular stints in the gym and plenty of time with the training mini-games, if you're to progress.

The fighting system has remained largely unchanged, which is where Legends might have trouble matching Fight Night's twin stick system of analog abuse. Granted, there are more signature punches for each fighter, but punches are still launched from the D-pad buttons, in conjunction with the left stick.

Elsewhere, the visuals have been beefed up, with some awesome facial bruising and general blood-letting. The replays are as bone-crunchingly cinematic as ever, and the soundtrack has a bunch of top tunes from the film series. Round two on how this is shaping up soon.

The verdict

The last game packed a mean punch, so you're guaranteed a heavy hitter. But has it got enough in its locker to take on the awesome Fight Night 2004.

Venom Games
Beat 'em Up, Sports