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Mc Farlane's Evil Prophecy

You know how it is. One day ALL the forces of evil decide to have a party and mankind sure as hell ain't invited. Fortunately, four heroes, based on Todd McFarlane's line of toys, are gatecrashing with guns and grizzly gizmos.

It's a third-person slash 'em up where you bowl around bustin' monster ass, dishing out bad boy combos and special attacks. You have four characters under your control and can change between them at any time using the D-pad. As you progress, more demon-deckin' weapons become available; just make sure you pair the right hero with the right weapon otherwise you'll be up shit creek without a chainsaw.

There's also a hint of strategy, not often found in monster-mashing massacres. Problem is, while you're getting chewed to pieces like a soft toy in a rabid hell-dog's mouth, your team-mates kick back and watch gormlessly like a brain-dead Trisha audience.