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Sega Superstars

Like a red-hot babe wearing a biodegradable jumpsuit, every passing day reveals more juicy morsels about Sonic Team's plunge into the crazy limb-flailing world of EyeToy.

Delving into Sega's enviable back catalogue of triple-A franchises, Superstars features a whole host of mini-games inspired by some of gaming's greatest creations, all given a tasty EyeToy twist. Sonic Team's keeping tight-lipped over the finished line-up but reckon the final tally will be at least 12. So far, House Of The Dead, Sonic Adventure, Virtua Fighter and our favorite Samba de Amigo are all dead certs and we've gurned and wafted our way through every darn one.

Chronic Sonic
Surprisingly, Sonic's the weakest game at the moment. It doesn't get much fancier than tossing your arms about to get the blue fella dashing around a long pipe, collecting rings and emeralds - pretty cool at first, but gets old pretty quickly.

House Of The Dead and Virtua Fighter are looking much better, though. In House, you'll be guided through spooky environments, beating off any brain-hungry zombies that shamble into your path. Bigger enemies require more fist power to bring down, so you've got to be pretty slap-happy to survive. Keep your mitts off the civilians that pop up, mind - unless you want a palm print around your chops and another notch off your life bar.

Virtua Fighter sees you facing off against some familiar faces, following the on-screen prompts in order to successfully block and counter-punch the volley of blows that your opponents dish out. Manage to score a KO and it's wash, rinse and repeat.

Samba Shake Up
The real selling point for us right now though is Samba de Amigo - a near-perfect reproduction of the rhythm-action Dreamcast classic, minus the maracas peripheral, obviously. Queue the salsa music and watch the balls fly out from the screen-centre to six surrounding rings - you'll need to smack the rings at the same time as the balls to keep up the beat. The music selection's massive and all the old faves like Livin' la Vida Loca and the theme from Austin Powers make an appearance. If you've not played Samba before, trust us when we say it's more fun than a groin inspection from Nurse CVG.

Before, Superstars was looking like a cool but lightweight addition to the EyeToy library, but the inclusion of Samba has rocketed it right up our most-wanted list. If all the mini-games can match the sheer addictive joy of everyone's favourite salsa monkey, then this could end up being something very special indeed.

The verdict

Superstars is showing lots of promise on the fun front, and Samba's an absolute five-star blast. What else have they got stashed in their secret Sega sack?

PlayStation 2
Sonic Team
Rhythm Action