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Back to the 'Nam with SCi

Copies of Conflict: Vietnam, the latest instalment in SCi's hit Conflict series, up for grabs! Plus: win tickets to Game Stars Live!

SCi already has two Conflict success stories under its belt with the Desert Storm games - both number one hits no less - and now the publisher is gearing up to release the third in the franchise, Vietnam. It's due out on PC, PS2 and Xbox on September 3, and we've teamed up with SCi to give readers the chance to bag a free copy of the game.

Plus, the first five winners picked out the hat will also win two tickets each to Game Stars Live, the London-based gaming event running from September 1 through to September 5. And incidentally, SCi will be showing Conflict: Vietnam at Game Stars Live so the public can get hands-on with the game.


Conflict: Vietnam, like the Desert Storm titles in the series, is a squad-based shooter, the latest game set during the Vietnam War in 1968 and the era of the Tet Offensive. Finding itself stranded in the jungle in the early stages of the game, the four-man team has to engage in frantic firefights with the enemy, scrounge whatever equipment and weapons it can to replenish resources and battle its way through hostile territory...

An integral storyline has been penned for Vietnam, and time has also been spent fleshing out the title's four main protagonists, partly to reflect the fact that the US soldiers are draftees as opposed to the Special Forces combatants of the Desert Storm games but also to add depth of emotion. Changes have been made to the skill improvement system as well, players now able to allocate points to character skills upon mission completion, and the command system has been both refined and embellished.

You like? Well, enter our Conflict: Vietnam competition and a free copy of the game could be winging its way to you soon. We have five first prizes to give away, each first prize consisting of a copy of the game on the format of your choice and two tickets to Game Stars Live, and five runners-up prizes, each runners-up prize consisting of a copy of Conflict: Vietnam on the format of your choice.

As ever, entering the competition is a breeze. Simply answer the question posed below, fill in the required details and submit the lot. We would also ask that, when entering your name, that afterward in brackets you indicate the format that you'd like to receive your copy of Conflict: Vietnam on - for example, John Smith (PS2). Thanks.