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The Chronicles Of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay

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Hey, Did You Know... Oof! Oof! Arrghle!
When you've jackhammers for fists, it's tempting to just punch info out of people. Sorry to break your heart, but this just won't work -
at least most of the time it won't. Butcher Bay has machine guns attached to security cameras just about everywhere you look, and if you're caught brawling you're gunned down in seconds. It's suicide. This scenario can be mightily frustrating, but that's probably the general idea. We guess you're supposed to feel like a tiger in a cage, so that when the chance comes to break loose, you are really itching at the prospect of some serious action.


In any case, there are only a few fellow inmates that really deserve a good shoeing. Most of them don't want any trouble, and would prefer it if you help them sort out whatever their sordid little problems are. There's a drug addict who needs his needle back; one of the smaller factions would like you to retrieve a snitch list, and just about everyone would like the head warden Abbott taking care of!

Bare Knuckle
Without giving too much away, one of the main objectives is to get into a fight with Abbott. Abbott won't show up unless you break enough heads in the Bay-approved fighting area, or be 'stupid' enough to get caught carrying drugs. This is the only way Riddick can find a way out before becoming one of the crazies. And so, for five USDs a pop (USDs being Riddicksville currency), you set about rounding up fellow cons to beat them up to buy respect, each one heftier than the last.

The ringleader gives you a name and whereabouts, then it's your responsibility to seek them out. We guess you could say finding your own prey adds to the tension and adds to the immersing nature of the game, but it's obviously to vary the pace with more walking and talking. The fist fights themselves are over in seconds once you get the timing of right and left hooks, and that's simple too. Still, fighting helps vent frustration and you feel you've accomplished more than simply being frisked and found
in possession.

Riot Tonight: All Invited
After so much pussyfooting around, you're glad of the chance to turn the guards' assault rifles and shotguns against them. Beyond a certain stage in the game, shotguns can be stolen from guards and used freely. But you need to work a little harder to use an assault rifle as these are DNA-encoded.


For a while you know how it feels to be searching the darkness with a muzzle-mounted torchlight, which is sorta cool, but the beam is a dead giveaway as to your position too. Guards can be lured by flicking the switch on and off, and you can likewise track them down by their beam. At this point the game feels like a standard FPS, with much strafing and blasting to stay alive. You start wondering when Riddick's famous Eye Shine comes into play - the ability to see in the dark. In fact this gift is granted close to halfway through the game, or feels like it.

Your Newrose-Tinted Outlook
It's a crusty-looking old feller named Pope Joe who eventually performs the magic. You're left wondering if Eye Shine is a surgical procedure or some voodoo hocus-pocus, mainly because Joe is a nutcase prophet but also because a mysterious female voice starts floating around inside Riddick's head... something about a prophecy. Thankfully she only has a few things to say before disappearing.

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