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FlatOut movie roars off the grid

Tarmac sandwiches all round from Bugbear's racer

Racing fans are spoiled for choice this year with Juiced, Need For Speed Underground 2 and Burnout 3 all set to debut, but one title which has come out of leftfield is FlatOut, Empire's new hard driving circuit racer under development at Finnish outfit Bugbear.

Yet despite all its intense circuit racing action, 16 impressive customisable muscle cars and amazing destructible scenery, the thing which really catches your eye is the way your driver can be catapulted through the windscreen, sailing hundreds of feet through the air, before munching a tarmac sandwich.


We challenge you to view the movie and not smile and simultaneously wince at those amazing rag-doll physics.

Anyway, FlatOut is currently scheduled to release on PS2, Xbox and PC in the third quarter of 2004, so there shouldn't be long to wait.

In the meantime you can enjoy this fine selection of new screens and the latest hospital-inducing action from the game.

FlatOut Movie (PC)
Download here