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Atari takes Direct Action with Act of War

First screens from the geopolitical techno thriller

Atari has recently announced a new PC thriller in the form of Act of War: Direct Action, an interesting new counter-terrorist strategy offering; and now it's release the first three screens from the game.

Written by Dale Brown, who's apparently an expert on the US military, global conflict and future military technology, as well as a 15-time New York Times best-selling author, Act of War is being billed as a "geopolitical techno thriller", and without the slightest hint of irony, places you in control of an elite US force fighting an international plot to overthrow the current world order.


The game features a single-player, story-based mode and various multiplayer modes including an eight player skirmish, as you take to the streets of San Francisco, Washington DC, London and Moscow to suppress the terrorist threat. These first few screens certainly seem to bear that out, with some quite decent looking street-based strategy going in the foreground, while in the background, Washington burns.

Author Dale Brown had this to say: "The world is changing to the point where terrifying worldwide events portend a frightening view of the future. Act of War: Direct Action is more than just a realisation of this new world - it shows how continued technological innovation and strong leadership can overcome the spectre of terror in our lives."

Act of War: Direct Action is being developed by Eugen Systems and is set to debut on PC in Spring 2005.