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NBA Ballers

If you believe that there is an 'I' in 'team', and that something done properly is only ever done on a DIY basis, NBA Ballers is your new best friend. Stateside, where it matters most, folks have really taken to this bling-bling Basketball sensation, and it's muscled in on NBA Street's territory.

The US has gone crazy for Ballers because it stands apart from Street in a couple of huge respects. Though it is similar to EA's hoops-in-da-hood series, Ballers is a strictly one-on-one competition in which the rewards are riches to furnish the ultimate crib of your dreams.

Balling On Reality TV
The main event for NBA Ballers is called Rags to Riches (R2R) and is set up like a twisted reality TV show... how many times have you heard that one, right? But trust us on this, R2R is cool.


The show is dreamed up to take a bum from the streets and see if he's got what it takes to mix it with the greatest ballers in the history of the NBA. Of course this bum off the streets is you. Before hitting the court, you must create your in-game persona using a detailed succession of menus, with a lot of freedom to create face-types right down to tattoos, and even which way up or around you wear a visor. Nobody else will be a freak like you once you're finished, that's guaranteed.

Make It All Count
Like we mentioned earlier, Ballers is mostly a strict one-on-one game, whereas in NBA Street it was three-on-three. Since only two of you the play area is only a half court. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and whether you win or lose is all down to you... although with a little help from some friends which we'll explain later.

Your guy starts out with all the basic tools he needs to outsmart a succession of no-names, but you'll need to really work those Ally-oop and Playground attacking techniques (alongside those defensive Blocks and Steals) before squaring off against the big names from NBA history. Unlike NBA Street where development points can be spent on attributes, the only way to get better in Ballers is to make use of the moves that best suit your game.

There really is a huge range at your disposal too, so no two Ballers will develop the same way, and there are some moves that are only unlocked under certain conditions. You might get frustrated at first when those three-pointers refuse to go in, or you start feeling every ankle breaker that comes your way, but eventually the rewards are richer. So hang in there.

That's Mine, I own It
Where Ballers gets smart is in the outward signs of your success. All games are played as a guest at some other guy's crib. You'll be strutting your stuff on Scottie Pippen's boat, and Karl Malone's winter chalet, with the dream of one day having these guys drop by your place and be amazed at what you've built for yourself. Money can indeed buy you everything, from friends who'll assist by setting up Alley-oops when you Pass to the Sideline, to more materialistic items that of course include jewellery, but also amazing sets of wheels to park in the background to prove how much you're worth. A screaming home crowd and gorgeous alloys would suggest you're probably pretty good. Build yourself the ultimate crib, and have people over to make them green with envy.


The Magic Number
Unless you're a cola-bottle-fuelled crazy who just doesn't know when to stop, you'll appreciate the more friendly competition in the other game modes. Chief among them is One vs One vs One. Yep, that's three of you on the half-court at once. It's a laugh real with three of you scrapping for the same ball, and a good workout even if the other players are CPU controlled.

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