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Stronghold under siege

PC siege warfare sim to get a sequel, in full 3D too. First screens here

Firefly Studios has revealed it is developing a sequel to PC RTS Stronghold, the game that lets you build medieval castles and then smash them down - all in the name of war.

Although well-received, the original game took place in boring old 2D, but the latest incarnation is revamped in full 3D, bringing those bloody assaults on castle walls to life.

There will also be a castle-life campaign (no doubt, giving you a full insight into the wonders of living in an exotic, old castle), an enhanced multiplayer capability and a new single-player campaign, details of which will be unveiled in the months ahead.

Stronghold 2 is expected to release in the early part of 2005 through publisher Take Two's Global Star Label. You can see the first two screenshots here.