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Midway Rushes to L.A.

Follow-up to San Francisco Rush reportedly announced for PS2 and Xbox

Midway has revealed that's working on a sequel to its fast-paced arcade racer San Francisco Rush entitled L.A. Rush, according to Internet reports, the reports also stating that the game will launch for PS2 and Xbox in Spring next year.

While our contacts in the UK offices were unable to confirm this, it is assumed that the announcement has just been made at a company gaming event over in San Diego.

UPDATE: Since writing this story, Midway has just issued an official press release confirming the development of L.A. Rush. We shall have more details on the game in the future.

It's said that a brand new engine has been built, with an accurate recreation of Los Angeles the impending result. A free-roaming mission structure will enable you to race through such locations as Beverly Hills, Compton and Hollywood, and you'll also get thrown the burden of cop chases, traffic jams and stunt driving.

Finally, Rides Magazine and West Coast Customs are reportedly collaborating with Midway over the project, and this has led to the inclusion of a customisation/modding aspect that we expect will be something in vaguely similar style to Juiced and Midnight Club 3.

Expect more concrete information on L.A. Rush in the near future.