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EGN 2004: Eidos announces Championship Manager Online

UK publisher unveils stand-alone massively multiplayer online football management simulation

Eidos has revealed Championship Manager Online this morning, a massively multiplayer version of the hit football management sim series that'll be playable at through subscription from January 2005.

Championship Manager Online is in development at Jadeston in conjunction with Beautiful Game Studios - developer of Championship Manager 5 on PC - and as you would expect will allow thousands of players to go head-to-head in a challenge of managerial skills.

Says Eidos of the online game, "Championship Manager Online will provide the realism and depth that have become hallmarks of the series. Choose to manage a club from one of six national leagues (England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany and France) dealing with everything from transfers and tactics to training."


According to the publisher, the game will be continually updated to reflect the real-world events in football - new leagues added and such - and players will be informed of team progress "at all times" via SMS. Managers will be grouped together in separate "worlds", with only one of each player and club ever existing in these worlds.

A Buddy League mode will also be present, allowing players to compete in a league against friends. For further info, hit the official website.