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Chocs away as Take-Two snares Charlie Bucket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie spin-off heading to PC and consoles

Take-Two, obviously not put off by his appalling attempts at a Planet of the Apes remake, has signed a licensing deal to make videogames based on Tim Burton's upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

High Voltage is handling development duties for the console versions, while PC and handheld versions will be entrusted to Backbone Entertainment. The games will release simultaneously with the movie, which is due next year.

Burton's Planet of the Apes was a steaming pile of monkey poo, but Roald Dahl's novel about a kid who wins a trip to a magical chocolate factory should be well-suited to the director's warped imagination. Plus, with Johnny Depp in the role of factory nutbag Willy Wonka, you can't go wrong.

Absolutely no details on the game at present, but if it ain't an action-adventure, we'll eat the Dime bar that has been festering under the editor's desk for the last two years... [Nope, I ate that yesterday - Ed]