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Shock and gore: Shellshock: Nam '67 up for grabs

Win yourself a copy of Guerrilla Games' gritty take on the Vietnam War

Eidos releases Guerrilla Games' Shellshock: Nam '67 today on PS2, PC and Xbox, and to celebrate we've got together with the publisher to give readers the chance of bagging the game for free. Up for grabs are three copies of the Vietnam War action title on each of the three release formats - all you need to do to stand a chance of winning is answer correctly the question posed at the bottom of the page.

Shellshock: Nam '67 is a Vietnam War action title that "dares to go where no other war game has gone" - Eidos' words - delivering a "graphically harrowing depiction of the terror of combat". Focusing on an individual's experience of the conflict, the title has players filling the combat boots of a rookie soldier. The game mixes up the pace with large-scale battles and more stealth-based scenarios and as events are played out the central character progresses from grunt to Special Forces operative carrying out classified missions.


As mentioned, we have three copies of Shellshock: Nam '67 on PS2 to give away, three copies on PC and three on Xbox. Answer the question below, fill in the necessary details and cross your fingers - you could be a winner. Oh, and when you enter your name, please follow in brackets with the format you'd like to have your copy of Shellshock: Nam '67 on -for example, Fred Bloggs (PS2).