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H&D 2 expansion brandishes sabre

Brand new screens from the add-on for the WWII sqaud-based shooter

Hidden & Dangerous 2 is one of the PC's premier World War 2 squad-based shooters and with expansion pack Sabre Squadron now warming up for the Autumn campaign, publisher Take-Two has released four new screens from the game.

Drawn from Sabre Squadron's Sicilian level, these four new images show Allied and Axis squads doing their thing in the heart of the Italian countryside, although strangely there's no sign of the local mafioso.

If you haven't encountered the H&D series before, Sabre Squadron will place you in command of a squad of Special Forces soldiers during nine new single-player missions. There's a new emphasis on vehicles, but one of undoubted main attractions is the ability to play in co-op mode over the 'Net. Nice.


We've no further news on a concrete release date right now, but with more Sabre Squadron materials sneaking under the wire everyday, we're betting it won't be too long before H&D2 fans have a chance to rattle their sabres in earnest.