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A league apart... SI unveils Football Manager structure

Over 5300 playable teams promised for FM 2005 - but is it enough?

Well after England's er... Triumphant three points in Poland last night, there's a rare treat in store for Sports Interactive fans today, as developer Sports Interactive has revealed the full club and league structure for its forthcoming Football Manager title.

Replying to posts on the forums, SI's Marc Duffy has revealed the full league breakdown as a special treat for fans and as you'd probably expect, it's a biggie.

FM 2005 will feature 51 countries comprising 158 first-team divisions, with some 2351 playable first teams and about a thousand reserve teams spread over 70 separate divisions.

On the international score, FM 2005 is also set to be similarly exhaustive, with some 94 playable international first teams, three levels of international representation including Under-19, Under-21 and first teams, as well as 16 Olympic (Under-23) squads.

All told there's going to be around 5300 playable teams and we have to say, by the sainted chin of Jimmy Hill, could there be a more comprehensive selection?

Well large as it is, the latest list still doesn't satisfy some stat-obsessed SI fans, who are demanding Nepalese second and third divisions too, if such things indeed exist.

Still, it carries on a fine SI tradition of being the most authentic footy game around, however for more conventional English fans, SI has confirmed that both Northern and Southern Conferences will also appear in-game.