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Men of Valor: Vietnam

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Multiplayer has also been beefed up for PC to include 24 online players and more maps, although the mooted co-op mode has unfortunately been dropped quicker than a cooked grenade. The level

we played in a ruined VC town included around 20 different classes (VC and US combined) and was very well balanced, with loads of wrecked cars to shelter behind and houses to creep through and/or snipe from.

We're mainly looking forward to the single-player side of things though, seeing as the structure of missions looks to be expertly designed. But it's not just the big stuff - there are plenty of nice polished touches (like the way that your squad might be accompanied by a reporter with a TV news camera, or the way that flocks of birds fly over the battlefield) that suggest that the game we're dealing with is of a superior quality. So, after all our bitching, it turns out that we're not fed up with Vietnam after all. Charlie can stay in the trees as long as he wants.

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