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Die by the Persian sword! Warrior Within's combat unleashed

Exclusive in-game video, screens and details from Prince of Persia's fighting tutorial

When Prince of Persia first appeared on a 16-bit computer back in the early '90s, it was hard to imagine that the little 2D sprite would develop into the muscle-bound, head-chopping, gravity-defying super-warrior of Ubisoft's Warrior Within. It's almost as far-fetched as Jet Set Willy starring in a videogame remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But hell, does it work!

We've been championing Prince of Persia Warrior Within's brutal combat for a while now, and this bloody tutorial is further proof that the game kicks butt when it comes to the side-splitting department. Literally.


Taking place on a rainy, night-time ship battle, players get a decent introduction of the Prince's vast library of offensive and defensive moves.

By combining acrobatics with slash moves, the Prince can perform all sorts of cool stuff. For example, tapping 'X' and 'Triangle' (on PS2), he literally springboards over his adversary and sticks him with his sword from behind. For the ultimate finishing move (demoed frequently in the video footage available below), 'Triangle' followed by 'Square' sees a similar flip, followed by a dramatic decapitation, with some suitably visceral slo-mo adding to the drama.

There are many other similar combinations too. Depending on where you stand, the Prince can grab his foe, throw him, spin round him and send him flying with spectacular kicks and sword thrusts. Try tapping 'Triangle' whilst behind a foe, for example.

You can also use your opponent as something to bounce off, jumping off his shoulders and twirling through the air to safety beyond. Or even striking out with your sword. What is certainly noticeable is just how agile the Prince is. The way he 360s pillars and posts, flips over stunned monsters and darts spectacularly into faraway corners makes Bruce Lee look like a geriatric zombie. Well, almost.

But alas, that won't get your opponent bloodied, and by stealing weaponry from standing foes, or collecting blades from the ship floor, the Prince can use two weapons at once. 'Square' performs basic slash attacks, while three taps of 'Triangle' allows for some crazed double-weapon charges.

Plus, with various other attacks, all with names like Misery Gale, Orontes' Grudge, Tempest of Agony and Hurricane of Penitence, you can expect severe lashings of violence as you progress.

Finally, with this video, you'll also get to see the first boss battle - a sweet swordfight with a leather-clad lady. Sadly though, we get our ass kicked, so maybe you won't want to spend too long dwelling on this part, despite the felon's obvious attractiveness...


Prince of Persia Warrior Within releases this December for PS2, Xbox, PC and GameCube.

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