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Conflict Vietnam demo rumbles in the jungle

All the Vietnam action your heart of darkness could desire with this demo of SCi's 'Nam shooter

It's not the morning and we can't smell any napalm (although we reckon someone's toast is burning) but we have had to take cover from this smoking single-level demo of SCi's Conflict Vietnam.

Taking the team-based action out of the dusty Iraqi streets and into the steaming jungles of 'Nam, the latest instalment in the Conflict series chucks in a load of new gameplay features like context sensitive orders. There's also a whole lot of swearing, a good helping of Charlie, and a cracking bit of Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. Rock and roll or what?

Suitably enough the level's called Rumble in the Jungle and is a great introduction the game's claustrophobic strategy action. Get out on patrol, soldier - it's time to get bookoo dinky dawg on some VC!

Conflict Vietnam demo (PC)
Download here