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Sensible Soccer straps its boots back on

Footballing legend set to play testimonial matches on Java enabled mobiles

As soon as we heard about this Java enabled mobile phone version of Sensible Soccer we spent ages reminiscing about those heady days when we used to traipse round to our mate's house, set up a cup tournament, then snap a few joysticks as we curled thirty yard shots into the net.

3D pitches and photo-realistic players? You can stick them up your Kop End. Sensible Soccer's trademark top-down 2D matches and tiny sprites are the real deal. Check out the screenshots and remember what the beautiful game looked like ten years ago. Lovely.

Alright, so we're getting lost in memories of past glory, a bit like Manchester United fans. Still, Kuju Wireless Publishing's Java version of the game was developed by Tower Studios which was co-founded by Jon Hare, one of the original game's creators, so we're confident the fast and intuitive gameplay will translate well to a mobile phone keypad.


All the original features of the 1990's Atari ST and Amiga hit are included. There are 50 international teams to choose from, individual player skills for over 800 players, in-depth tactics, custom leagues and cups, yellow and red cards, and tiny little injuries to tiny little legs.

It's not Pro Evo, but then you can't play Pro Evo on your mobile phone, can you? You'll be able to get a hold of Sensible Soccer from the end of September.