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Drive rune the block: Namco unveil Rune Chaser

Chase runes around a futuristic free-roaming city with Namco

You'd be forgiven for thinking Rune Chaser is going to be a mad Nordic RPG, but you'd be wrong. It is, in fact, a PS2 GTA-style car game where you buzz around a massive free-roaming city completing missions however you want. And chase runes.

Ready to be unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show which opens on Friday, Rune Chaser is set in the futuristic megalopolis of Prio City. In true GTA style you'll be able to roam the city freely or sign up for one of around 50 open-ended missions.

You'll be doing all the usual driving game stuff like racing, delivering packages and people and blowing things up. No news yet on the level of violence or whether you'll be able to shoot old ladies through the head, so the GTA comparison might not be totally accurate.

So where do the runes come in? Take a guess. The RPG assumption might not be too far off though, since apparently the storyline is being based around an RPG structure.

At the moment Rune Chaser is PS2 exclusive. One to watch we think, and we'll keep an eye out for it at TGS.