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Flying over the cuckoo's nest with Crash Twinsanity

We drove around the bend to take a look at Traveller's Tales' latest Crash offering

Damned Crash Twinsanity. It has what's probably one of the most irritatingly catchy videogame theme tunes ever. See, we spent some time with Traveller's Tales latest offering yesterday afternoon, and then couldn't get the blasted tune out of our heads. Indeed, we did start to wonder whether this was the true reason behind decision to title the game Twinsanity...

Anyway, Crash Twinsanity, Traveller's Tales' latest instalment in the world of the bandicoot, features a plot that finds the spinning, jumping one teaming up with arch-nemesis Dr Cortex to save the world by defeating a common enemy. An enemy which turns out to be the Evil Twins, two crazy bird-like people with big space helmets and jetpacks that come with handy receptacles in which to place popcorn and fizzy pop. Don't ask us.


The game itself is a combination of back-to basics and new features. Attempts to turn Crash cool have been ditched in favour of his original and "stupid" self - Traveller's Tales' words, not ours - although at his core he's the Crash we know and love with all the old moves. Platform action and puzzle solving is still very much part and parcel of the experience, but also there's plenty of new additions.

Without doubt the biggest 'new item' is the team-up gameplay. Crash and arch-nemesis Dr Cortex coming together to fight a common enemy leads to, as you would expect, the two working together to achieve greatness. From combining to defeat boss characters to Crash using Dr Cortex as a snowboard to Crash disarming booby traps to rescue Cortex from certain doom, it's all been well thought out and all gels together quite nicely.

While the franchise's accessibility has been retained - and there's plenty in there that screams Crash - we can hardly blame Traveller's Tales for wanting to breathe new life into the series. Yep, the team-up gameplay is the biggest deal, but the decision taken to allow players to control Dr Cortex himself, and later on in the game his niece Nina, lends Twinsanity a necessary slice of variety.

It means that the developer has been able to introduce new gameplay through the new controllable characters without the need to tinker with the Bandicoot himself. In effect, Traveller's Tales has taken every effort to keep the old-skool Crash fans happy while injecting the series with new features to keep it fresh.

Crash Twinsanity releases on Xbox and PS2 on October 8.