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Rez creator sheds light on Lumines

...but predictably it all looks completely mental

Rez is the kind of cult gaming experience that everyone really should have played. It's hard to define and a little bit mad, but it definitely is a unique experience.

Prepare for another one. Announced at yesterday's Sony PSP press conference, Lumines is the new game from the guy who created Rez and Space Channel 5, Tetsuya Miziguchi. He's developing it at his own studio, Q Entertainment, and Bandai will publish it.

As you would expect from the man, it looks a bit crazy. Indeed, a Sony spokesman described the game as "An original title with a completely new style". Which was very nice of him, but doesn't really help.

Here's what we saw: Tetris-style square blocks, coloured red and white stack up along the bottom of the screen against a swirling backdrop and a vague graphic equaliser image. Down the right hand side the level, time and score are displayed and down the left hand side what looks like the next three blocks that will come into play are shown.

It seems that you can move the blocks along the top of the playfield and drop them in where you want, connecting red and white bits to form lumps of colour. Oh, and there's what looks like a wee man's face watching you from the bottom left hand corner.

Can you guess what it is yet? We can't, but it seems that sound is just as important to Lumines as it was to Rez and Space Channel 5. The vague equaliser image is a clue and we're told the game is designed to be played with headphones for the best effect.

And how about this for a cryptic synopsis: a line of Japanese text that accompanied the presentation apparently translates to 'Every time you play you evolve into a cyber walker'.

Funny that, because we were just talking about how we wanted to be cyber walkers. Lumines will be playable at TGS so we'll bring you more info and screens as soon as we get them.