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Full Spectrum Warrior 2 recruited

Potentially to be developed for the next generation of consoles. And PC once again no doubt. Plus, details on imminent FSW Xbox Live downloads

Full Spectrum Warrior developer Pandemic Studios is currently working on a sequel to its squad-based tactical game on Xbox and PC, it's been revealed.

According to reports coming out of the US which carry news of the sequel, while the follow-up is underway, Pandemic has yet to decide whether number two will be developed for the current console generation (so Xbox we guess) or for the next wave of machines. Presumably, a PC version is also in the offing, THQ once again handling publishing.

THQ's UK arm was unavailable for comment on the sequel news at the time of writing, but obviously we'll let you know as soon as we hear more.

In further Full Spectrum Warrior news, it's been confirmed that the first download for the Xbox version of the title, called Epilogue 1, will be made available via Xbox Live on October 4. This will reportedly be followed roughly a month later by a second download, Epilogue 2.

Apparently, Epilogue 1 is a Search and Destroy mission set shortly after the culmination of events in the original game, kicking off a new objective that finds the player attempting to track down and eliminate terrorist Al Afad's two sons.

In the first mission, son Al Samir is the target, players controlling Alpha and Bravo teams and initially clearing a path through a shanty town so that the United Nations can establish a CASEVAC site to aid the local population before proceeding to a command station to take down Samir.

According to Pandemic, both downloadable levels will be harder than those appearing in the original Xbox game, with the two featuring some subtle yet noticeable changes - but other than that it'll be FSW business as usual. Epilogue 1 will be free, but THQ is reportedly still considering whether or not to charge a small fee for Epilogue 2.

Incidentally, Epilogue 1 and Epilogue 2 feature in the PC retail version of Full Spectrum Warrior, which is due out in the UK on October 1. You can read our review of FSW on PC here.