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Kohan II: Kings Of War

The first Kohan outing was a critically acclaimed cult hit upon its release in 2001, gaining mucho props for the way it flung new ideas at the rapidly stagnating RTS genre. This long-awaited sequel boasts many of the same unique features. For example, you recruit whole companies of troops rather than single units, and you can attach powerful characters to these companies to boost their effectiveness in a scrap. But it's also simplified the game mechanics and tarted things up with fancy 3D visuals.

The single-player campaign revolves around a typically hackneyed fantasy yarn of undead hordes, immortal heroes, ice monsters and suchlike, but features over 30 missions and a generous assortment of races and factions to command. And while the resource gathering, settlement building and research are all standard fare, the gameplay is elevated by nifty features such as resupply (where decimated companies enlist reinforcements when taken back to a friendly settlement), a simple economy system and a nod to the tactics of terrain and unit formation.


Standard-issue multiplayer and skirmish modes are also chucked in, each of which uses a random map generator.

While there's little here that we haven't seen before in some shape or form, Kohan II brings it all together tidily. RTS fans, or those looking for a better than average example of the genre, should lap it up.

The verdict

Not 'king bad at all

TimeGate Studios
Gathering Of Developers
Sim / Strategy