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Capcom goes Demento

An insane breath mint, a pint-sized Harry Potter Dementor or a new horror game for PS2?

Capcom has revealed a handful of details on new project Demento, a game in development for PS2 that it's to reveal in full at the Tokyo Game Show this week.

According to reports, Demento is a horror-adventure type experience and has something to do with a girl called Fiona and her pet dog Hewie wandering through a deserted mansion while being pursued by large nasty Debilitas.

It's info that we assume has been gleaned from the rather unsettling movie on the game's teaser site.

And that, folks, is about all that's known at the moment. We expect more info on the game will come out of TGS, but in the meantime you can scare yourself witless by hitting the link to the teaser site above and checking out the movie for yourself.