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Midway gaining Fear & Respect

Spot the influence in Midway's new console game that revolves around gang life in South Central LA

Fear & Respect is a new Xbox and PS2 title from Midway that's being internally-developed by the publisher and deals with a retired 'original gangster' returning to the criminal life in the gang environment of South Central Los Angeles. It sounds suspiciously like Rockstar North's GTA: San Andreas to us, although F&R will release some time later towards the end of 2005.

Lending a helping hand in Fear & Respect's development is movie director John Singleton, responsible for, among many other film titles, Boyz N the Hood.

According to reports, the title will be very much action-focussed, players fighting through numerous levels, with the gang aspect obviously playing a key role. Interestingly, it seems there's going to be some Knights of the Old Republic-style gameplay in there as well, with the ability to tread either the way of good or evil and enemies acting accordingly to your chosen path.