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Going Rogue: new Trooper screens from Nu Earth

A selection of new screens plus hint of a PC release?

Rogue Trooper is hands down 2000AD's second most popular character. Not a hugely impressive boast you might think, but when numero uno is old stoney face himself Judge Dredd, it starts to put things a little more into perspective.

A Rogue Trooper game has long been an ambition for Rebellion, the Oxford-based developer responsible for amongst many other things, the excellent Alien versus Predator. As you'll probably know, they actually own the 2000AD comic itself and we don't just mean a huge stack of back issues.

Now new intelligence has emerged with a few select new screens from what we presume is the PS2 version of the game and we've detailed them lovingly here for you here. However, it now looks like everyone's favourite blue-skinned GI may be heading to PC as well, if the shiny new PC logo on Rebellion's Rogue product page is to be believed.


A quick call to Rebellion didn't really clarify matters either as Alex Moore, Lead Designer on Rogue Trooper confirmed: "It's only on PS2 and Xbox at the moment. The Azure engine means we could take it to PC, but at the moment we're concentrating on those two platforms." Alan left us with a promise to look into things further.

Of course, we'd love to see a PC version of the game, as a Rogue Trooper FPS would be ideally suited to the platform. However, we'll have to wait for further confirmation from Rebellion as to whether Rogue PC will eventually roll on out.

More news on this one, when Rebellion get back to us.