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Pro Evo heads for the dugout?

Grab your sheepskin coat and get your blood pressure rising: Pro Evo Soccer Manager could be on the way!

We'd all love the life of a football manager. Non-stop arterial-clogging pressure, filthy affairs with middle-aged secretaries and the opportunity to kick football boots into the faces of overpaid, poncy-haired donkeys. Now that's the beautiful game.

We're not sure about the affairs and the Beckham face-belting, but it looks like the thrills of football management could soon be coming to a Pro Evolution Soccer game. Along with J-League Winning Eleven: Asia Championship (Winning Eleven is the Japanese version of Pro Evo) Konami showed a short video of Winning Eleven Tactics: European Club Soccer on PS2 at their Tokyo Games Show booth.

Evidently a sequel to last year's J-League Winning Eleven Tactics which never received a European release, the European Club Edition is a managerial-focused tweak of the game we know and love.

It's a bit like Pro Evo's Master League mode, only with more emphasis on the day-to-day running of the club and without the ability to play in the matches. Negotiations with players, agents, coaches and the press are played out with a text based conversation system.

You can watch your team play in the usual Winning Eleven/Pro Evo style, or switch to a more Champ Man-esque top down representation to get a bird's eye view of your tactics working like a charm - or falling to pieces like a leper's nose.

Here's the bad news: while the Japanese version is due out this winter, it's unlikely the game will get a European release. It would certainly be welcome - other than LMA Manager the PS2 is fairly under-stocked with quality footy management titles.

As for J-League Winning Eleven: Asia Championship the exciting new additions we were hoping for (ie online play) didn't show up on the show floor. Rather, Asia Championship is a special edition of the game featuring loads of officially licensed Asian teams, all with their official shirts, names, and so on. And that's about it.

Looks like we'll have to keep waiting for more news on Xbox Live Pro Evo 4. We'll let you know as soon as we do, and we'll keep you posted about a possible UK release for Winning Eleven Tactics.